Gallia Thomson


Prince George B.C.

My Story

I am a wife. A mother. A lover of the finer things in life. And a firm believer that life is difficult enough without making capturing beautiful memories difficult too.

My inspiration for my work can be traced back to my childhood, born and raised in North Vancouver, surrounded by the mountains and sea. My eye is always looking to capture the fluidity of moments in their truest and purest forms.

My goal with each client is to put you at ease and allow those beautiful and natural moments to flow. When you look back at the photos I want you to feel a deep sense of love and warmth evoked through these memories.

There is too much in our day to day lives that can make us feel heavy, so when you hire me as your photographer I will work tirelessly to make sure that capturing beautiful memories doesn't add to that stress. Expect a calm environment and an easy breezy attitude. When you feel like it's all falling apart, I promise you in my eyes it is all coming together.

Core Memories. This is Life in the Raw.